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FAQ’s + Answers From The Live Limitlessly Team

LL Official Policies

These are the policies outlined in our Terms & Conditions, as agreed upon when joining any LL plan.


LL's Cancellation Policy

Upon purchase of the Limitless Method workshop the purchaser is agreeing to pay the total sum of the 12 month membership in equal monthly installments, billed automatically each month on the same calendar date post purchase. A Limitless Method member may cancel their membership within the first 72 hours of enrollment for a $20 cancellation fee. LL reserves the right to refuse cancellation to any Limitless Method member. After 72 hours the member is committed to the remaining payments on their membership and may either maintain the membership monthly payment plan or complete the owed amount as one payment via PayPal. If a member opts to pay the remainder of their membership amount as one payment via PayPal, their access will be removed upon receipt of their payment and no refunds
will be permitted for previous access time on the Limitless Method.

A Limitless Method Monthly member may cancel their membership themselves at any time from their dashboard or by writing in to the customer support chat and requesting cancellation.

All a la carte purchases are final sale.

Please note, your Limitless Method membership will NOT auto renew and no action will be needed from you once your membership term is up!


LL's Plan Extension Policy

We do not have the ability to extend or add time to the Limitless Method or a la carte workshop. There are absolutely no exceptions made to this policy as this simply is not a function we have on Teachable. Upon purchase & enrollment, the allotted access time begins, and once that time is up, you are removed automatically by the system. There is simply no way for the team to manually add, remove, or change access time limits for any of our a la carte workshops or the Limitless Method.

Something to keep in mind is that while the a la carte workshops do of course stand alone and you can make a significant amount of progress, those a la carte's are really meant to be a sample of what is included in the Limitless Method so that those who aren't sure that they want to make a 12-month commitment right off the bat can give the work a try. Usually, our members who start by trying an a la carte workshop do join the Limitless Method after their access to their a la carte workshop is expired, because as you can see, there is so much work to do! It's hard to get it all done in the access time (let alone a lifetime!)

- - - -


What's your refund policy?

Can I get a refund for previous months on any of the Limitless Method courses or for a workshop if the access time runs out and I didn't login?


LL's Refund Policy

We do not provide refunds for previous months on the Limitless Method, even if the member has not logged in. We also do not provide refunds for a la carte workshops even if the purchaser did not log in during their access time to view the content. If there is an issue with billing, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to alert the company of the error and maintain awareness of transactions posting to their account. LL has the ability to process refunds for those who are eligible, for payments which occurred up to a month prior. For transactions which occurred over a month prior, LL maintains the right to refuse refund or provide the option to take LL store credit to be used on future purchases.

Will I have access to upgrades within the Pathway?

Am I eligible for all the upgrades to content over the course of my membership?


LL's As Is Policy

Although we do frequently update our workshops, including updating the quality of video and audio content, revising written material, and adding other special features and mini workshops, there is no guarantee that you will have access to all upgrades & newer versions of the content within the the Limitless Method. Upon purchase of any LL workshop, course or membership plan, you are agreeing to the purchased content as is and there are no guaranteed upgrades or improvements. Live Limitlessly reserves the right to update & alter the existing content and sell these upgraded versions separately.

Can I freeze my account and come back to it later?

I want to pause my access.


LL's Option to Freeze Policy

Unfortunately we do not have the ability to freeze any of our courses, workshops or memberships. All billing systems are on an automated schedule and the payments will attempt to pull from your billing info that we have on file.

I already own a workshop(s), can I get a discount on the Limitless Method membership?

LL's Legacy Member Policy

Unfortunately we do not offer tiered discounts, regardless of how many workshops you have purchased, as there are so many offerings and we are constantly improving workshops and adding content.


If I purchase a workshop and decide I want to upgrade to Limitless Method can I put my money towards the membership?

LL's Upgrade Policy


If you contact us within the first 2 days of your a la cart workshop purchase to upgrade to the Limitless Method we will honor a full refund of your workshop. If 3 days have passed we suggest either waiting until the workshop expires, or upgrading regardless and having full access to all of our content and no longer needing to worry about the expiration date of the workshop.

Can I share my login?

Can I download the content to my personal device?

LL's Content Privacy Policy


All purchases of LL content, including a la carte workshops and the Limitless Method memberships, are meant to only be viewed by the purchaser and cannot be shared with others. Sharing of login credentials is strictly prohibited and as a company we track IP addresses, login history & location, and profile history for suspected breaches of this policy. All purchased content including written, video, & audio is only available to view by logging in with your registered account credentials and cannot be copied or downloaded to a personal device for viewing or listening offline. Violations of this policy are considered unlawful and LL reserves the right to take legal action in cases of misconduct.

What happens when my Limitless Method membership expires?

LL's Plan Expiration Policy


Upon expiration of any LL subscription your access will end without contact or action needed from the member. There are no plans set to auto renew.

If your plan cancels due to too many failed billing attempts, you are subject to the current rate and will not be eligible for your previous rate from your cancelled plan.

- - - -

The Limitless Method


Thinking of signing up or already signed up and need clarity? Check here for questions regarding the Limitless Method membership!

Having trouble logging in?

Website taking you in a loop (back to the sign in screen) after you already input your login credentials? Receiving an error message?

Please note that this has recently changed!

1. Click the "Member Access" Button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen!
2. Select either “Limitless Method" or “a la carte workshops" and enter your login credentials!
3. Once you've entered your credentials you should be directed right in!

More tips:


If you are inputting your credentials and being taken in a loop (asked to input your credentials again/not recognizing you already logged in), this is a cookie issue! Try dis-enabling then re-enabling your 3rd party cookies!

Also if you have the red bar across the top of your screen with a message regarding to cookies, please do the same!
 We have known issues with Safari and Firefox and recommend Google Chrome as a browser for best results! Try clearing your cache as well as enabling third party cookies!

You can find the easy step by step instructions by doing a quick Google search for your particular device! Still struggling?

Try utilizing an incognito browser in the meantime and reach out to us via the chat!

Check out this article for clarity on the different cookie issues with different browsers (ie Chrome, Safari, Firefox.)

Please note, Squarespace does go down on the rare occasion and you can check out DownForEveryoneOrJustMe to determine whether the entire website is down or if you are the only one experiencing the issue. If the website is down, we apologize for the inconvenience and there is no need to reach out. We are aware and unfortunately there’s nothing we can do except wait for Squarespace to resolve.

Thank you for understanding!

How do I navigate the Limitless Method to find the workshops/content?

I signed up but I can't find anything!


For Limitless Method members, you will first login by clicking the portal on the login page and inputting your login credentials.

Your dashboard will then appear and you will want to click the black box - 'Visit' - directly under the Limitless Method. You will then be directed to the Limitless Method members portal! If you scroll down a bit you will see the headings 'Our Core Workshops,'

If you click to expand those you will find the workshops and all other offerings!
Upon inputting your login credentials you should immediately be directed into your Limitless Method members portal! Simply scroll to view all the workshops!

If you're new, we highly recommend checking out the Start Here Guide for guidance & participating in the _____Exercise and the ____Expanders Workshop!

Also be sure to submit your questions for Ask Chenoa!

Can I download the Meditations?

I want to listen offline! Are any of these DIs downloadable?


We are working on an upgrade feature to the Limitless Method. Which will be available soon. Once Limitless Method 2.0 is out - this feature will be a part of the upgraded experience in the Limitless Method 2.0 and you can download all mediations through the Teachable app available for iPhone users!

Do I need to be connected to internet to access the content?


Yes, you need wi-fi. All of the content is solely online.

Where do I send press or sponsorship inquiries?


Kindly send those to our inbox and we will reach out if we feel it is an aligned fit!
Thank you so much for your interest in partnering with Live Limitlessly!

Billing, Discounts, & Coupon Codes


For all inquiries related to accounts, and billing.

How do I update my billing information?


For Limitless Method members:

To update your card on file with us you will have to login to your account through the Limitless Method portal. Once you input your login credentials your dashboard will appear with three sections: Plans, Profile, & Billing. Underneath ‘Billing’ you will see the option to update your credit card!

Or you can click your profile photo in the upper right hand corner and select the option to add/change your credit card! Feel free to reference this article from Teachable with more specifics! You will want to be sure to make your new card your default card for all purchases, otherwise your old card will still be utilized for payment attempts.

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