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What Others Are Saying…


This was just what I needed. This workshop changed my life and allowed me to be a different me. A me that was hidden inside. A me that was shy is now not so shy. I'm embarking on getting to know myself again and again and again. Thank you Chenoa!

— Sonja Nutall, -The Assemblage + Soho House- Founding member

I truly enjoy working with Chenoa. She has helped me get to know myself better than I ever knew was possible. The sessions with her have made me dig deep into my past and learn how it plays into my current thoughts, fears and dreams. Since starting to work with Chenoa a year ago, I approach my day more positively and feel more present in everyday life.

— Chris Wichert, -Co- Founder Koio

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"Chenoa has been an incredible life coach...I never would have learned about myself without sitting down and talking to her. I can't thank her enough."

Angela Simmons, Actress + Model

I found chenoa on IG and thought her posts were very inspiring and positive, which was something I was looking for. A lot of people I was hanging out with was not so positive so I was looking for ways to draw positivity in. After working with Chenoa, I learned how to open up, respect myself ,and stay, “no, ” which I now know, is a form of honoring myself. I started out closed, and today I’m vibrant, open, honoring myself and others, and just living life limitlessly.

— Selena Simmons, -Artist


The 21-Day Date Yourself Challenge helped reintroduce me to me - the person I forgot existed. It allowed me to seize the opportunity to let go of my fears and distractions. It provided me time to love myself more and go on a journey of Self-Love. What could be more important than that?!

— Meckdelina 'Mesfin - Entrepreneur

The Motivation

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Angela Simmons Client Testimony
Jasmine Saei Client Testimony
Simone Berry Client Testimony
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