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Better Balance Means Better Boundaries.

Would you like to feel more balanced, improve your relationships, and learn how to navigate uncertainty and change with faith and flow?

Life can be full of ups. In todays hectic world, you often feel unbalanced, off kilter and don’t really know why. Stressful situations and being busy in everyday life can often cause you problems.

Being able to better navigate life’s uncertainty and challenges with faith and flow, allows you to tap back into joy and wellbeing.

Becoming better balanced allows you to operate from a neutral place, so you can make better decisions, feel better and act in a more grounded manner. With better balance, your overall level of wellness increases, your relationships get better, and you can bring your life back into harmony.


Beginning July 18th, Chenoa Maxwell will lead you through an online10-Day workshop designed to restore balance, create healthy boundaries and reconnect you to your overall well-being.

The 4-Steps to Balance workshop provides you with daily actions of Love to support you in making the most nourishing choices for greater happiness, relationships, and lifelong joy.

Love, money, marriage, heartbreak, career success, family… wherever you are experiencing a block, the The 4-Steps to Balance can provide you with tools to regain control of your life by understanding where you are now, and the skills to move you toward the direction that you want to go.

It all begins with YOU!


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