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Today, I’m going to briefly share with you what being a Self-Love Specialist means and help you ask the right questions to see if this is a journey that you may wish to dive further into.

I’m not a therapist, a doctor or a certified life coach, however, I have been mastering soul and emotional intelligence from the ripe age of 16. I have seamlessly transformed my life at every stage using these methods into a successful life I love! Through trials and tribulations just like all of you, I have practiced these life enhancing tools daily and they continue to be the foundation of my success.

Comparison. Distraction. Disruption.

Your life is constantly filled with these three traps every single day. So, how are you NOT supposed to feel insecure, insignificant, and hopeless in a world that is constantly showing you people who appear more “likable”, “sexier”, “better off”, and all around “have their shit together”?

If you’re the average social media user, you visit various channels to catch up on the news, interact with friends, and let the world know what is going on in your life. While that sounds like fun, social media doesn’t always create positive experiences.

In fact, your self-esteem can take a nosedive each time you log into a social media network and we on average log in and engage 17 hours a day!!

While you want to be liked, heard, happy and successful, if you let these feelings of comparison poison your self-perception and influence your definition of beauty, success, and what’s hot, you’ll constantly be questioning your worthiness, decisions, and perceived success.

How do you avoid being sucked into this vortex?

When I explain to people that I’m a Self-Love and Emotional Intelligent Specialist, there aren’t many other questions that follow; not because they are not interested but, because most people don’t really understand what THAT is.

When I coach clients through my programs like the Foundation of Love, to the Limitless Method, and private one-on-one Transformation Sessions, I touch on a few main areas below:

Number 1: Are You Good To Yourself?

In mental and physical terms, this is a simple question until you take a step back and analyze how you talk to yourself. Are you aware of the inner conversation and dialogue you have with yourself? Are you overly critical of yourself? Do you scrutinize everything or second guess yourself constantly? Do you feel as though you are not worthy? Whether it’s those internal thought battles, or physically focusing on what food you put into your body, how you handle stress, carving out time for your needs, creating healthy boundaries, these ALL contribute to being good to yourself.

Self-Love is simple: it’s accepting and honoring the person you are at every moment, choosing to prioritize YOUR needs over others, and trusting your gut and intuition AKA spirit self. When you are focused on Self Love, those limiting beliefs and physical insecurities dwindle. It’s not a switch you can turn off and on, but it’s a DAILY practice in understanding that the more you practice loving yourself, the less those opinions matter and the more your life opens up.

These are the ONLY items you have control over. Once you realize that, the freedom to be your best self and to Live Limitlessly is right at your fingertips.

Number 2: Are You living A Life YOU Love?

At Live Limitlessly, we dive into your passions and uncover the things that make you come alive and fulfill your best self. Part of loving yourself is knowing yourself holistically. Building the connection with the power source to keep you faith filled and focused as the journey goes on. When you operate from a holistic place of spirit and physical, focus on what your heart and soul wants, act in integrity and love, you will continue to attract much of the same and be in flow with the universe as you grow closer to your ultimate desires.

Number 3: Are you ready to be fully transformed?

Realizing that you are ready for a Self-Love transformation, is accepting that you are NOT okay with the way your life, career or love life is going. You are a powerful creator. Learning how to connect and use your power is the first lesson. You see everything is energy and your mind actually creates and attracts your reality and dictates your actions. It’s crucial to become mindful of that limiting inner voice and learn tools to help you shift and reframe those negative thought patterns daily. At Live Limitlessly, we focus on building the framework to help you expand your possibilities, find YOUR happy and Develop A Life You Love.

If you’d like to learn more specifics about what we specialize in here at Live Limitlessly, we’d love to here from you,

Schedule your complimentary 20-minute consultation here.


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