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Have you fallen out of Love… with YOU?

Did you ever realize that it’s possible?

No one wants to admit that they’ve fallen out of love with themselves. But… from time to time you know there’s been a moment or few when love for self has lost its way.

ILoss of self-love happens so gradually that you rarely recognize the dissolution of it. And while the signs show up differently for everyone, they generally include a gradual losing of sufficient time with self, uncertainty, misplaced focus, loss of motivation, comparison, and fractured self-esteem.

In this fast-paced lifestyle, it is highly common for you to put everrrrrrybody and everrrrrrrything else before your own needs. You grind hard, over schedule, max-out your own bandwidth, eat poorly, neglect or just flat out half-ass your workouts, and make excuse after excuse on why you just don’t have enough time to give yourself the self-care needed to keep you functioning optimally and smiling often.

“Believe people the first time that they show you who they are.”


So, parts of you slip away and before you know it, you begin to struggle with happiness, fulfillment and purpose. All of these emotions and more show up and manifest in weight gain, exhaustion, freedom of expression, lack of creativity, anxiety, impatience, confidence… the list can go on and on right?

It stands to reason that when Self-Love is off balance so is your life, and symptoms that mimic low-self esteem can easily arise. Unfulfilling relationships, defensiveness, fear, depression, hypersensitivity, feeling unlovable and other consequences of low self-esteem make attracting and maintaining joy a challenge.

Psychologists have proven that when self-esteem is low, negatives have much more power over us than positives. We are motivated more by the desire to avoid pain than to experience joy. Hence, if you do not make the appropriate amount of time to nurture your-self – your vitality, wellness, self-worth and lovability is significantly diminished.

How can you expect the Universe, yet alone another person to love, honor and respect you when you consistently put your fundamental needs last or just don’t even recognize them?

You’ve heard the famous Maya Angelou quote, “Believe people the first time that they show you who they are.” Now that statement doesn’t mean you don’t have the capacity to be more however, it is probably one of the most profound pieces of wisdom to be uttered by a human being about how you should pay attention to what people tell us about themselves without uttering a single word.

But what are “you” showing people about yourself?

What is your self-care or lack thereof telling people about how you treat yourself and from that, how they should treat you?

After all, the way you value yourself governs the way you treat yourself.

It informs the choices you make, the people you spend time with and how you allow people to treat you.

If you’ve fallen out of love with yourself or are struggling with the question of, have I? Don’t sweat it. The opportunity to practice and replenish the kind of love, Self-Love, you aspire to receive has arrived.

Breathe. Connect to a quiet space in your heart.

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