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How Successful People Overcome the Weakness That Matter

All leaders have blindspots. So why then is the service and guidance of a leadership and culture coach probably the most underrated tool your organization can have in your “corporate tool shed”?

As an emotional intelligence specialist and leadership coach, I invest significant time helping people and teams to transform their behavior.

I can go down a virtual laundry list of reasons why, but let’s list just a handful and lightly touch on each. Before I do that though, let’s keep with Radical Honesty and understand the fact everyone, not just leaders, can use a bit of help when it comes to being your best self on your way to living the ultimate life you love and adore.

Even yours truly requires additional support from time to time. Life happens, and just like you I get caught up in the moments of life that spawn all kinds of emotions and that is TOTALLY okay! After all, we are human. This is why I rely heavily on the tools I teach my own clients to make sure that I keep my spirit high and my emotional lenses clear.

1. Unpack Your Blindspots and Achieve Your Best Self

There is zero chance in this wonderfully complex universe that you yourself, can by yourself achieve your best self! Read that one more time. . .go ahead. I’ll wait for you. It doesn’t matter how amazingly “put together” you are, how successful by your measurement you are, no matter how elevated you believe you are, you didn’t achieve and arrive in that space by yourself. You had a number of people there for you in your life shaping, influencing, guiding and mentoring you whether you were present to that or not. We ALL have blind spots and you need an expert to help you uncover those the same way a trainer helps you achieve your best physical self in the gym. Now that we have established that, it is the number one reason to seek a leadership coach or in my case a Transformation Expert.

2. Develop Perspective & Understand the Natural Surfacing of Anxiety

Uncovering blind spots in the setting of safety and trust will foster a level of empowerment that is like oxygen to fire. You cannot help but to walk out of every session with a sense of accomplishment and some level of personal understanding. Unlike therapy, Transformation Sessions are designed to aggressively rip open the proverbial box you have constructed around your life to expand and develop a life without boundaries. We focus on the now and the future with a look into your past to understand how these “boxes” or constructs of your life were even built in the first place. Gaining this type of perspective literally puts the fuel in your rocket ship for blasting off into a limitless life!

3. Take Responsibility For Your Life

Once you have a level of awareness and perspective you have no choice but to take ownership of your now. What you do at every moment WILL influence your future. It’s pretty simple to be present to your choices and actions once you arrive to that understanding. But, just like any newly discovered tool or practice, it takes repetition to master and apply.

4. Strengthen Your Personal Foundation

Wouldn’t you love to be the rock and beacon of stability among your life circle? Well, moving through the best practices that help you achieve some of the above directly impacts your personal foundation and strengthens it! At Live Limitlessly I’ve actually created and crafted a curriculum that interconnects and prompts you to move into spaces giving you no choice but to elevate as a dynamic human being.

5. Deeply Explore Oneself With An Expert

It’s obvious to every person on the planet that some people are better skilled in certain vocations than others. That never defines us however. It is always possible to be, do and achieve ANYTHING! I truly believe this and again am walking, living proof of this. It is the sole reason I do what I do. However, you cannot achieve greatness in any pocket of your life without guidance and direction from those whom are experts in their respective space. Want to know how to build the most beautiful log cabin? Seek out the best log cabin builders. Wanna climb mountains? Find the most qualified sherpa and mountaineer. You get my drift. Seeking out these experts takes you deeper into your chosen journey into the area. The same for personal mastery.

Scratching the surface of introspection and personal mastery is easy. The real work and growth comes in the depths and struggle in our commitment to our quest. So why not take into your own hands the opportunity and possibility to break through multiple life levels on your way to living the most amazing life filled with love, happiness and success?


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