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Transformation Sessions

Chenoa's Results Driven Approach Inspires Change

Behind successful results, there’s almost always some intuitive, intelligent, powerful support and coaching that causes those next-level outcomes to occur. Rarely do you see someone of high achievement triumph or receive an award without actually thanking and honoring the person who mentored and coached them

along the way towards great results.

Whether you want to close a gap in your life, enhance your relationships, or live with greater impact and influence, we understand what it takes to help you reach your highest level, and become better than you were yesterday.


Private Transformation Sessions

An exclusive opportunity to work directly with Chenoa Maxwell, the Ultimate transformation specialist. Go on a sacred inward journey and unblock limiting beliefs, identify triggers, unwind painful emotions, increase self-worth, achieve success, and learn how to enjoy life at every moment along the way! Small adjustments in perspective can make a significant difference in time to come.


The good news: feeling, loving, communicating & being a better human is

all within reach.

Leadership Development Programs

It’s a proven fact – human beings create more results when they’ve been pushed past their mental limits and are challenged beyond what they initially believe is possible. Our executive + corporate programs amplify humanness, enhance leadership + corporate culture, and cultivate greater EQ to achieve exponential return - for you, your team and,

your organization.

Learn to lead mindfully, perceive differently, with humility, compassion +love and lead with greater impact and influence.


Rewire your brain to actualize the vision & relationships you desire most

Our online workshops are loaded with effective, proven, science-based, strategies that combine positive psychology, emotional + soul intelligence, and a little neuroscience sprinkled on top.

What to Expect from Your Session


Move through triggers

Move into high self worth

Shift out of lack

Stop settling

BEFORE • To awaken your superpowers, your participation is required. Before your first session, you will receive a Welcome to Transformation package that must be filled out prior to our first session. This will guide you on our policies and help to inform us on where we should start.

DURING •  Our private 50-minute confidential Transformation Sessions er give you our full station and the tools required to effect real and lasting change. Here you will learn to increase your emotional + soul intelligence, boost confidence, and identify blocks + subconscious limiting beliefs that hold you back from achieving peace, fulfillment, and ultimate success.

AFTER •  As you evolve, your life will too. Just 6 months of doing our Transformation Sessions may increase happiness by 100%.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Chenoa works with some of the most recognized companies and faces in the world. Whether you are an individual looking for a breakthrough to new levels or an organization looking to develop your entire leadership team, our Transformation Sessions provides the tools and support to get more done, feel less stressed and gain momentum to succeed on your current goals, dreams, and deepest desires.


Often the opportunity for wellbeing is rooted in individual privilege; now more than ever, to be exceptional leaders… With Chenoa’s guidance, I’ve been able to illuminate my values, tap back into my joy and fire up my purpose. Truly grateful for her wisdom.


— K. Gould

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